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CCTV Camera

CCTV provides remote electronic surveillance of prime target areas throughout your premises. Permanent 24-hours security protection, with no staff overheads. As a powerful tool for the security guards, often reducing their numbers, CCTV systems provide greater security cover. CCTV systems have a powerful deterrence capability and provide extensive data of recorded images for post event analysis.

Offer flawless CCTV security cameras, which can be easily incorporated in banks, jewellery shops, and corporate houses or in any other organizations assuring you complete piece of mind. The specifications of our video surveillance camera are given as follows:

CCTV Cameras are available in colour, monochrome or cameras that have the ability to switch between colour and monochrome (day/night CCTV cameras). The CCTV cameras that switch between colour and monochrome are intended for environments of low lighting at various times. There are 2 reasons for using a CCTV camera that can switch between colour and monochrome, monochrome CCTV cameras are much more sensitive to low lighting environments, and monochrome CCTV cameras can also be used with Infra red lighting. When there is adequate available light there is the added advantage of using a colour CCTV camera for recording colour information, for example the colour of a car or a person’s clothing.


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